Ultimate Network Port Database

This is by far the best "searchable" network port database on the web today. It is not only a web site but also a progressive Web App that can be installed on your desktop or mobile device.

Top 1000 NMAP Network Ports

This is a collection of the top 1000 ports used by NMAP. For more information on NMAP the most popular Network Scanning tool, please check out our NMAP Cheatsheet with Examples.

Simply type in a network name or port number and search! (port name e.g. "rdp" or "mysql") or (number e.g. "3389")

Port Name Port / Protocol Description
http 80/tcp # World Wide Web HTTP
ipp 631/udp # Internet Printing Protocol
snmp 161/udp # Simple Net Mgmt Proto
netbios-ns 137/udp # NETBIOS Name Service
ntp 123/udp # Network Time Protocol
netbios-dgm 138/udp # NETBIOS Datagram Service
ms-sql-m 1434/udp # Microsoft-SQL-Monitor
microsoft-ds 445/udp
msrpc 135/udp # Microsoft RPC services
dhcps 67/udp # DHCP/Bootstrap Protocol Server
telnet 23/tcp
domain 53/udp # Domain Name Server
https 443/tcp # secure http (SSL)
ftp 21/tcp # File Transfer [Control]
netbios-ssn 139/udp # NETBIOS Session Service
ssh 22/tcp # Secure Shell Login
isakmp 500/udp
dhcpc 68/udp # DHCP/Bootstrap Protocol Client
route 520/udp # router routed -- RIP
upnp 1900/udp # Universal PnP
smtp 25/tcp # Simple Mail Transfer
nat-t-ike 4500/udp # IKE Nat Traversal negotiation (RFC3947)
syslog 514/udp # BSD syslogd(8)
unknown 49152/udp
snmptrap 162/udp # snmp-trap
tftp 69/udp # Trivial File Transfer
zeroconf 5353/udp # Mac OS X Bonjour/Zeroconf port
rpcbind 111/udp # portmapper, rpcbind
unknown 49154/udp
ms-wbt-server 3389/tcp # Microsoft Remote Display Protocol (aka ms-term-serv, microsoft-rdp) | MS WBT Server
pop3 110/tcp # PostOffice V.3 | Post Office Protocol - Version 3
L2TP 1701/udp
puparp 998/udp
vsinet 996/udp
maitrd 997/udp
applix 999/udp # Applix ac
netassistant 3283/udp # Apple Remote Desktop Net Assistant reporting feature
unknown 49153/udp
microsoft-ds 445/tcp # SMB directly over IP
radius 1812/udp # RADIUS authentication protocol (RFC 2138)
profile 136/udp # PROFILE Naming System
netbios-ssn 139/tcp # NETBIOS Session Service
imap 143/tcp # Interim Mail Access Protocol v2 | Internet Message Access Protocol
domain 53/tcp # Domain Name Server
msantipiracy 2222/udp # Microsoft Office OS X antipiracy network monitor
msrpc 135/tcp # epmap | Microsoft RPC services | DCE endpoint resolution
mysql 3306/tcp
nfs 2049/udp # networked file system
omad 32768/udp # OpenMosix Autodiscovery Daemon
sip 5060/udp # Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
http-proxy 8080/tcp # http-alt | Common HTTP proxy/second web server port | HTTP Alternate (see port 80)
blackjack 1025/udp # network blackjack
ms-sql-s 1433/udp # Microsoft-SQL-Server
IISrpc-or-vat 3456/udp # also VAT default data
http 80/udp # World Wide Web HTTP
pptp 1723/tcp # Point-to-point tunnelling protocol
rpcbind 111/tcp # sunrpc | portmapper, rpcbind | SUN Remote Procedure Call
pop3s 995/tcp # POP3 protocol over TLS/SSL | pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL (was spop3) | POP3 over TLS protocol
imaps 993/tcp # imap4 protocol over TLS/SSL | IMAP over TLS protocol
bakbonenetvault 20031/udp # BakBone NetVault primary communications port
win-rpc 1026/udp # Commonly used to send MS Messenger spam
echo 7/udp
vnc 5900/tcp # rfb | Virtual Network Computer display 0 | Remote Framebuffer
radacct 1646/udp # radius accounting
radius 1645/udp # radius authentication
http-rpc-epmap 593/udp # HTTP RPC Ep Map
NFS-or-IIS 1025/tcp # blackjack | IIS, NFS, or listener RFS remote_file_sharing | network blackjack
ntalk 518/udp # (talkd)
dls-monitor 2048/udp
serialnumberd 626/udp # Mac OS X Server serial number (licensing) daemon
unknown 1027/udp
submission 587/tcp # Message Submission
xdmcp 177/udp # X Display Manager Control Protocol
h323gatestat 1719/udp # H.323 Gatestat
svrloc 427/udp # Server Location
retrospect 497/udp
sun-answerbook 8888/tcp # ddi-udp-1 | ddi-tcp-1 | Sun Answerbook HTTP server. Or gnump3d streaming music server | NewsEDGE server TCP (TCP 1) | NewsEDGE server UDP (UDP 1)
krb524 4444/udp
unknown 1023/udp
unknown 65024/udp
smux 199/tcp # SNMP Unix Multiplexer
chargen 19/udp # ttytst source Character Generator
discard 9/udp # sink null
unknown 49193/udp
solid-mux 1029/udp # Solid Mux Server
h323q931 1720/tcp # h323hostcall | Interactive media | H.323 Call Control Signalling | H.323 Call Control
tacacs 49/udp # Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
smtps 465/tcp # submissions | igmpv3lite | urd | smtp protocol over TLS/SSL (was ssmtp) | URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM | IGMP over UDP for SSM | URL Rendezvous Directory for SSM | Message Submission over TLS protocol
kerberos-sec 88/udp # Kerberos (v5)
ms-lsa 1028/udp
wdbrpc 17185/udp # vxWorks WDB remote debugging ONCRPC
h225gatedisc 1718/udp # H.225 gatekeeper discovery
unknown 49186/udp
afp 548/tcp # afpovertcp | AFP over TCP
ident 113/tcp # auth | ident, tap, Authentication Service | Authentication Service
hosts2-ns 81/tcp # HOSTS2 Name Server
X11:1 6001/tcp # X Window server
cisco-sccp 2000/udp # cisco SCCP (Skinny Client Control Protocol)
snet-sensor-mgmt 10000/tcp # ndmp | SecureNet Pro Sensor https management server or apple airport admin | Network Data Management Protocol
BackOrifice 31337/udp # cDc Back Orifice remote admin tool
shell 514/tcp # syslog | BSD rshd(8) | cmd like exec, but automatic authentication is performed as for login server
unknown 49201/udp
unknown 49192/udp
printer 515/udp # spooler (lpd)
rockwell-csp2 2223/udp # Rockwell CSP2
https 443/udp
sip 5060/tcp # Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
unknown 49181/udp
bgp 179/tcp # Border Gateway Protocol
radacct 1813/udp # RADIUS accounting protocol (RFC 2139)
LSA-or-nterm 1026/tcp # cap | nterm remote_login network_terminal | Calendar Access Protocol
cfdptkt 120/udp
pcmail-srv 158/udp # PCMail Server
cisco-sccp 2000/tcp # cisco SCCP (Skinny Client Control Protocol) | Cisco SCCP | Cisco SCCp
unknown 49200/udp
https-alt 8443/tcp # pcsync-https | Common alternative https port | PCsync HTTPS
http-alt 8000/tcp # irdmi | A common alternative http port | iRDMI
adobeserver-3 3703/udp # Adobe Server 3
unknown 32815/udp
qotd 17/udp # Quote of the Day
filenet-tms 32768/tcp # Filenet TMS
upnp 5000/udp # also complex-main
sometimes-rpc6 32771/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rusersd)
unknown 33281/udp
rtsp 554/tcp # Real Time Stream Control Protocol | Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
iad1 1030/udp # BBN IAD
rsftp 26/tcp # RSFTP
exp2 1022/udp # RFC3692-style Experiment 2 (*) [RFC4727]
ms-sql-s 1433/tcp # Microsoft-SQL-Server
asf-rmcp 623/udp # ASF Remote Management and Control
unknown 49152/tcp
filenet-rpc 32769/udp # Filenet RPC
pcanywherestat 5632/udp
ndmp 10000/udp # Network Data Management Protocol
unknown 49194/udp
unknown 49191/udp
unknown 49182/udp
unknown 49156/udp
dc 2001/tcp # wizard | or nfr20 web queries | curry
wap-wsp 9200/udp # WAP connectionless session services
printer 515/tcp # spooler (lpd) | spooler
unknown 30718/udp
unknown 49211/udp
unknown 49190/udp
unknown 49188/udp
unknown 49185/udp
commplex-link 5001/udp
llmnr 5355/udp # LLMNR
http 8008/tcp # http-alt | IBM HTTP server | HTTP Alternate
unknown 49154/tcp
sometimes-rpc4 32770/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box
unknown 37444/udp
unknown 34861/udp
unknown 34555/udp
IIS 1027/tcp # 6a44 | IPv6 Behind NAT44 CPEs
iad3 1032/udp # BBN IAD
lockd 4045/udp # NFS lock daemon/manager
squid-ipc 3130/udp
iad2 1031/udp # BBN IAD
nrpe 5666/tcp # Nagios NRPE | Nagios Remote Plugin Executor
ldp 646/tcp # Label Distribution
unknown 49196/udp
unknown 49158/udp
time 37/udp # timserver
symantec-av 2967/udp # Symantec AntiVirus (rtvscan.exe)
upnp 5000/tcp # commplex-main | Universal PnP, also Free Internet Chess Server
icq 4000/udp # AOL ICQ instant messaging clent-server communication
ftps-data 989/udp # ftp protocol, data, over TLS/SSL
apple-sasl 3659/udp # Apple SASL
pcanywheredata 5631/tcp
rfa 4672/udp # remote file access server
unknown 34862/udp
telnet 23/udp
ipp 631/tcp # ipps | Internet Printing Protocol -- for one implementation see http://www.cups.org (Common UNIX Printing System) | IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) | Internet Printing Protocol over HTTPS
unknown 49153/tcp
blackice-icecap 8081/tcp # sunproxyadmin | ICECap user console | Sun Proxy Admin Service
nfs 2049/tcp # networked file system
kerberos-sec 88/tcp # kerberos | Kerberos (v5) | Kerberos
unknown 49195/udp
unknown 49189/udp
unknown 49187/udp
unknown 49162/udp
finger 79/tcp
vnc-http 5800/tcp # Virtual Network Computer HTTP Access, display 0
veritas-ucl 2148/udp # Veritas Universal Communication Layer
pop3pw 106/tcp # 3com-tsmux | Eudora compatible PW changer | 3COM-TSMUX
ccproxy-ftp 2121/tcp # scientia-ssdb | CCProxy FTP Proxy | SCIENTIA-SSDB
nfsd-status 1110/tcp # nfsd-keepalive | webadmstart | Cluster status info | Start web admin server | Client status info
unknown 49155/tcp
unknown 41524/udp
X11 6000/tcp # X Window server
login 513/tcp # who | BSD rlogind(8) | remote login a la telnet; automatic authentication performed based on priviledged port numbers and distributed data bases which identify "authentication domains" | maintains data bases showing who's logged in to machines on a local net and the load average of the machine
amanda 10080/udp # Amanda Backup Util
ftps 990/tcp # ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
wsdapi 5357/tcp # Web Services for Devices
svrloc 427/tcp # Server Location
sometimes-rpc8 32772/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (status)
unknown 49156/tcp
timbuktu 407/udp
nameserver 42/udp # Host Name Server
klogin 543/tcp # Kerberos (v4/v5)
kshell 544/tcp # krcmd Kerberos (v4/v5) | krcmd
unknown 33354/udp
activesync-notify 1034/udp # Windows Mobile device ActiveSync Notifications
admdog 5101/tcp # talarian-udp | talarian-tcp | (chili!soft asp) | Talarian_TCP | Talarian_UDP
unknown 49199/udp
unknown 49180/udp
news 144/tcp # uma | NewS window system | Universal Management Architecture
ms-wbt-server 3389/udp # Microsoft Remote Display Protocol (aka ms-term-serv, microsoft-rdp)
unknown 1001/udp
gnutella 6346/udp # Gnutella file sharing protocol
echo 7/tcp
ftp 21/udp # File Transfer [Control]
daytime 13/udp
talk 517/udp # BSD talkd(8)
instl_bootc 1068/udp # Installation Bootstrap Proto. Cli.
ldap 389/tcp # Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
ajp13 8009/tcp # nvme-disc | Apache JServ Protocol 1.3 | NVMe over Fabrics Discovery Service
ftps 990/udp # ftp protocol, control, over TLS/SSL
fpitp 1045/udp # Fingerprint Image Transfer Protocol
danf-ak2 1041/udp # AK2 Product
X11:1 6001/udp
hp-hcip 1782/udp
keysrvr 19283/udp # Key Server for SASSAFRAS
unknown 49210/udp
unknown 49209/udp
unknown 49208/udp
unknown 49205/udp
unknown 49202/udp
unknown 49184/udp
unknown 49179/udp
unknown 49171/udp
squid-http 3128/tcp # ndl-aas | Active API Server Port
sd 9876/udp # Session Director
snpp 444/tcp # Simple Network Paging Protocol
sygatefw 39213/udp # Sygate Firewall management port version 3.0 build 521 and above
abyss 9999/tcp # Abyss web server remote web management interface | distinct
airport-admin 5009/tcp # winfs | Apple AirPort WAP Administration | Microsoft Windows Filesystem
mdbs_daemon 800/udp
realserver 7070/tcp # arcp | ARCP
ldap 389/udp # Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
kpasswd5 464/udp # Kerberos (v5)
sbl 1039/udp # Streamlined Blackhole
nsstp 1036/udp # Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol
mtqp 1038/udp # Message Tracking Query Protocol
timbuktu-srv3 1419/udp # Timbuktu Service 3 Port
aol 5190/tcp # America-Online. Also can be used by ICQ | America-Online
osu-nms 192/udp # OSU Network Monitoring System
smux 199/udp
unknown 44968/udp
ppp 3000/tcp # remoteware-cl | hbci | User-level ppp daemon, or chili!soft asp | HBCI | RemoteWare Client
postgresql 5432/tcp # PostgreSQL database server | PostgreSQL Database
ufsd 1008/udp
unknown 49166/udp
unknown 49159/udp
upnp 1900/tcp # ssdp | Universal PnP | SSDP
mapper-ws_ethd 3986/tcp # mapper-ws-ethd | MAPPER workstation server
netinfo-local 1033/udp # local netinfo port
unknown 1024/udp
daytime 13/tcp
unknown 22986/udp
unknown 19682/udp
ssh 22/udp # Secure Shell Login
ms-lsa 1029/tcp # solid-mux | Solid Mux Server
discard 9/tcp # sink null
globe 2002/udp
ida-agent 5051/tcp # ita-agent | Symantec Intruder Alert | ITA Agent
unknown 6646/tcp
exp1 1021/udp # RFC3692-style Experiment 1 (*) [RFC4727]
unknown 11487/udp
secure-aux-bus 664/udp
unknown 49157/tcp
unknown 58002/udp
unknown 49172/udp
unknown 49168/udp
unknown 49165/udp
unknown 49163/udp
boinc 1043/udp # BOINC Client Control
unknown 1028/tcp
rsync 873/tcp # Rsync server ( http://rsync.samba.org )
wms 1755/tcp # Windows media service | ms-streaming
pn-requester 2717/tcp # PN REQUESTER
radmin 4899/tcp # radmin-port | Radmin (www.radmin.com) remote PC control software | RAdmin Port
vrtstrapserver 1885/udp # Veritas Trap Server
td-postman 1049/udp # Tobit David Postman VPMN
sentinel-lm 5093/udp # Sentinel LM
dcutility 1044/udp # Dev Consortium Utility
apc-3052 3052/udp # APC 3052
X11 6000/udp
unknown 7938/udp
unknown 1019/udp
nat-pmp 5351/udp
corba-iiop 683/udp
securid 5500/udp # SecurID
jetdirect 9100/tcp # pdl-datastream | hp-pdl-datastr | HP JetDirect card | PDL Data Streaming Port | Printer PDL Data Stream
unknown 27892/udp
unknown 16680/udp
nntp 119/tcp # Network News Transfer Protocol
sometimes-rpc10 32773/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rquotad)
time 37/tcp # timserver
cadlock 1000/tcp # cadlock2
nessus 3001/tcp # origo-native | Nessus Security Scanner (www.nessus.org) Daemon or chili!soft asp | OrigoDB Server Native Interface
unknown 41058/udp
unknown 35777/udp
auth 113/udp # ident, tap, Authentication Service
commplex-link 5001/tcp
unknown 52225/udp
unknown 49174/udp
unknown 49169/udp
unknown 49160/udp
vfo 1056/udp # VFO
neod1 1047/udp # Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
sophos 8193/udp # Sophos Remote Management System
mdc-portmapper 685/udp # MDC Port Mapper
leoip 1886/udp # Leonardo over IP
hcp-wismar 686/udp # Hardware Control Protocol Wismar
X11:4 6004/udp
landesk-cba 38293/udp
hp-managed-node 782/udp # hp performance data managed node
xfer 82/tcp # XFER Utility
concert 786/udp
rxapi 10010/tcp # ooRexx rxapi services
landesk-cba 38037/udp
iad1 1030/tcp # BBN IAD
sometimes-rpc12 32774/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rusersd)
zeus-admin 9090/tcp # websm | Zeus admin server | WebSM
msmq-mgmt 2107/tcp # bintec-admin | Microsoft Message Queuing (IANA calls this bintec-admin) | BinTec Admin
kdm 1024/tcp # K Display Manager (KDE version of xdm)
wpgs 780/udp
socks 1080/udp
sometimes-rpc14 32775/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (status)
zephyr-clt 2103/tcp # Zephyr serv-hm connection
xfr 682/udp # XFR
epnsdp 2051/udp # EPNSDP
brvread 1054/udp # BRVREAD
apc-9950 9950/udp # APC 9950
unknown 983/udp
unknown 6971/udp
unknown 6970/udp
unknown 1014/udp
fpo-fns 1066/udp
mmcc 5050/udp # multimedia conference control tool
hp-collector 781/udp # hp performance data collector
unknown 31891/udp
unknown 31681/udp
unknown 31073/udp
unknown 30365/udp
unknown 30303/udp
unknown 29823/udp
unknown 28547/udp
unknown 27195/udp
unknown 25375/udp
unknown 22996/udp
unknown 22846/udp
unknown 21383/udp
unknown 20389/udp
unknown 20126/udp
unknown 20019/udp
unknown 19616/udp
unknown 19503/udp
unknown 19120/udp
unknown 18449/udp
unknown 16947/udp
unknown 16832/udp
X11:4 6004/tcp # X Window server
unknown 42172/udp
unknown 33355/udp
msmq 1801/tcp # Microsoft Message Queuing | Microsoft Message Que
sometimes-rpc22 32779/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box
mmcc 5050/tcp # multimedia conference control tool
chargen 19/tcp # ttytst source Character Generator | Character Generator
unknown 53571/udp
unknown 52503/udp
unknown 49215/udp
unknown 49213/udp
unknown 49212/udp
unknown 49204/udp
unknown 49198/udp
unknown 49175/udp
unknown 49167/udp
unknown 8031/tcp
rfe 5002/udp # Radio Free Ethernet
danf-ak2 1041/tcp # AK2 Product
halflife 27015/udp # Half-life game server
unknown 255/tcp
td-postman 1049/tcp # Tobit David Postman VPMN
neod2 1048/tcp # Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
symantec-av 2967/tcp # ssc-agent | Symantec AntiVirus (rtvscan.exe) | SSC-AGENT
remote-as 1053/tcp # Remote Assistant (RA)
adobeserver-3 3703/tcp # Adobe Server 3
vfo 1056/tcp
syscomlan 1065/tcp
jstel 1064/tcp
brvread 1054/tcp
filemaker 5003/udp # Filemaker Server - http://www.filemaker.com/ti/104289.html
qotd 17/tcp # Quote of the Day
afs3-fileserver 7000/udp # file server itself
who 513/udp # BSD rwhod(8)
lansource 1485/udp
syscomlan 1065/udp # SYSCOMLAN
neod2 1048/udp # Sun's NEO Object Request Broker
ff-fms 1090/udp # FF Fieldbus Message Specification
corba-iiop-ssl 684/udp # CORBA IIOP SSL
bacula-sd 9103/udp # Bacula Storage Daemon
ams 1037/udp # AMS
cft-0 1761/udp
ccproxy-http 808/tcp # CCProxy HTTP/Gopher/FTP (over HTTP) proxy
rendezvous 3689/tcp # daap | Rendezvous Zeroconf (used by Apple/iTunes) | Digital Audio Access Protocol (iTunes)
sometimes-rpc18 32777/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (walld)
apertus-ldp 539/udp # Apertus Technologies Load Determination
phonebook 767/udp # phone
mobileip-agent 434/udp
bo2k 54321/udp # Back Orifice 2K Default Port
squid-snmp 3401/udp # Squid proxy SNMP port
iad2 1031/tcp # BBN IAD
mcidas 112/udp # McIDAS Data Transmission Protocol
dcutility 1044/tcp # Dev Consortium Utility
bsquare-voip 1071/tcp
vnc-1 5901/tcp # Virtual Network Computer display 1
gnutella2 6347/udp # Gnutella2 file sharing protocol
biff 512/udp # comsat
ock 1000/udp
newacct 100/tcp # [unauthorized use]
jetdirect 9102/tcp # bacula-fd | HP JetDirect card. Also used (and officially registered for) Bacula File Daemon (an open source backup system) | Bacula File Daemon
xmpp 8010/tcp # XMPP File Transfer
icslap 2869/tcp # Universal Plug and Play Device Host, SSDP Discovery Service
sbl 1039/tcp # Streamlined Blackhole
barracuda-bbs 5120/tcp # Barracuda Backup Protocol
newoak 4001/tcp
cslistener 9000/tcp
rsvp_tunnel 363/udp
eklogin 2105/tcp # minipay | Kerberos (v4) encrypted rlogin | MiniPay
ldapssl 636/tcp # ldaps | LDAP over SSL | ldap protocol over TLS/SSL (was sldap)
directplaysrvr 47624/udp # Direct Play Server
candp 42508/udp # Computer Associates network discovery protocol
unknown 45441/udp
unknown 41370/udp
unknown 41081/udp
unknown 40915/udp
unknown 40732/udp
unknown 40708/udp
unknown 40441/udp
unknown 40116/udp
unknown 39888/udp
unknown 36206/udp
unknown 35438/udp
unknown 34892/udp
unknown 34125/udp
unknown 33744/udp
unknown 32931/udp
unknown 32818/udp
mtqp 1038/tcp # Message Tracking Query Protocol
rap 38/udp # Route Access Protocol
wpages 776/udp
zebra 2601/tcp # discp-client | zebra vty | discp client
sometimes-rpc16 32776/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (sprayd)
unknown 64513/udp
unknown 63555/udp
unknown 62287/udp
unknown 61370/udp
unknown 58640/udp
unknown 58631/udp
unknown 56141/udp
unknown 54281/udp
unknown 51717/udp
unknown 50612/udp
unknown 49503/udp
unknown 49207/udp
unknown 49197/udp
unknown 49176/udp
unknown 49173/udp
unknown 49170/udp
unknown 49161/udp
unknown 49157/udp
tcpmux 1/tcp # TCP Port Service Multiplexer [rfc-1078] | TCP Port Service Multiplexer
afs3-fileserver 7000/tcp # file server itself, msdos | file server itself
sometimes-rpc1 1012/udp # This is rstatd on my openBSD box
dbase 217/udp # dBASE Unix
acmaint_transd 775/udp
ws-discovery 3702/udp # Web Service Discovery
vcom-tunnel 8001/udp # VCOM Tunnel
tambora 9020/udp # TAMBORA
afrog 1042/udp # Subnet Roaming
ideafarm-door 902/udp # self documenting Door: send 0x00 for info
sanity 643/udp # SANity
pkix-3-ca-ra 829/udp # PKIX-3 CA/RA
netarx 1040/udp # Netarx Netcare
mxxrlogin 1035/udp # MX-XR RPC
jstel 1064/udp # JSTEL
fjicl-tep-a 1901/udp # Fujitsu ICL Terminal Emulator Program A
realm-rusd 688/udp # ApplianceWare managment protocol
apc-2160 2160/udp # APC 2160
unknown 959/udp
unknown 9199/udp
unknown 8181/udp
cognex-insight 1069/udp
asipregistry 687/udp
unknown 32528/udp
unknown 32385/udp
unknown 32345/udp
unknown 31731/udp
unknown 31625/udp
unknown 31365/udp
unknown 31195/udp
unknown 31189/udp
unknown 31109/udp
unknown 31059/udp
unknown 30975/udp
unknown 30704/udp
unknown 30697/udp
unknown 30656/udp
unknown 30544/udp
unknown 30263/udp
unknown 29977/udp
unknown 29810/udp
unknown 29256/udp
unknown 29243/udp
unknown 29078/udp
unknown 28973/udp
unknown 28840/udp
unknown 28641/udp
unknown 28543/udp
unknown 28493/udp
unknown 28465/udp
unknown 28369/udp
unknown 28122/udp
unknown 27899/udp
unknown 27707/udp
unknown 27482/udp
unknown 27473/udp
unknown 26966/udp
unknown 26872/udp
unknown 26720/udp
unknown 26415/udp
unknown 26407/udp
unknown 25931/udp
unknown 25709/udp
unknown 25546/udp
unknown 25541/udp
unknown 25462/udp
unknown 25337/udp
unknown 25280/udp
unknown 25240/udp
unknown 25157/udp
unknown 24910/udp
unknown 24854/udp
unknown 24644/udp
unknown 24606/udp
unknown 24594/udp
unknown 24511/udp
unknown 24279/udp
unknown 24007/udp
unknown 23980/udp
unknown 23965/udp
unknown 23781/udp
unknown 23679/udp
unknown 23608/udp
unknown 23557/udp
unknown 23531/udp
unknown 23354/udp
unknown 23176/udp
unknown 23040/udp
unknown 22914/udp
unknown 22799/udp
unknown 22739/udp
unknown 22695/udp
unknown 22692/udp
unknown 22341/udp
unknown 22055/udp
unknown 21902/udp
unknown 21803/udp
unknown 21621/udp
unknown 21354/udp
unknown 21298/udp
unknown 21261/udp
unknown 21212/udp
unknown 21131/udp
unknown 20359/udp
unknown 20004/udp
unknown 19933/udp
unknown 19687/udp
unknown 19600/udp
unknown 19489/udp
unknown 19332/udp
unknown 19322/udp
unknown 19294/udp
unknown 19197/udp
unknown 19165/udp
unknown 19130/udp
unknown 19039/udp
unknown 19017/udp
unknown 18980/udp
unknown 18835/udp
unknown 18582/udp
unknown 18360/udp
unknown 18331/udp
unknown 18234/udp
unknown 18004/udp
unknown 17989/udp
unknown 17939/udp
unknown 17888/udp
unknown 17616/udp
unknown 17615/udp
unknown 17573/udp
unknown 17459/udp
unknown 17455/udp
unknown 17091/udp
unknown 16918/udp
unknown 16430/udp
unknown 16402/udp
icl-twobase4 25003/udp
alta-ana-lm 1346/udp # Alta Analytics License Manager
fpo-fns 1066/tcp
cognex-insight 1069/tcp
ftp-data 20/udp # File Transfer [Default Data]
apple-xsrvr-admin 625/tcp # dec_dlm | dec-dlm | Apple Mac Xserver admin | DEC DLM
asip-webadmin 311/tcp # appleshare ip webadmin | AppleShare IP WebAdmin
compressnet 2/udp # Management Utility
http-mgmt 280/tcp
unknown 254/tcp
sometimes-rpc24 32780/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box
fasttrack 1214/udp # Kazaa File Sharing
cycleserv2 772/udp
remoteanything 4000/tcp # terabase | neoworx remote-anything slave remote control | Terabase
snmp-tcp-port 1993/udp # cisco SNMP TCP port
landesk-rc 1761/tcp # LANDesk Remote Control | cft-0
filemaker 5003/tcp # fmpro-internal | Filemaker Server - http://www.filemaker.com/ti/104289.html | FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary transport | FileMaker, Inc. - Proprietary name binding
globe 2002/tcp
deslogin 2005/tcp # oracle | berknet | encrypted symmetric telnet/login
x25-svc-port 1998/tcp # cisco X.25 service (XOT)
genie 402/udp # Genie Protocol
iad3 1032/tcp # BBN IAD
notify 773/udp
Trinoo_Register 31335/udp # Trinoo distributed attack tool Bcast Daemon registration port
java-or-OTGfileshare 1050/tcp # cma | J2EE nameserver, also OTG, also called Disk/Application extender. Could also be MiniCommand backdoor OTGlicenseserv | CORBA Management Agent
acmaint_dbd 774/udp
dtspc 6112/tcp # dtspcd | CDE subprocess control | Desk-Top Sub-Process Control Daemon
x11 6050/udp # X Window System
wfremotertm 1046/udp # WebFilter Remote Monitor
ups-engine 3664/udp # UPS Engine Port
startron 1057/udp # STARTRON
ideafarm-panic 903/udp # self documenting Panic Door: send 0x00 for info
remote-as 1053/udp # Remote Assistant (RA)
pvuniwien 1081/udp # PVUNIWIEN
nati-logos 2343/udp # nati logos
mctp 1100/udp # MCTP
irdmi 8000/udp # iRDMI
search-agent 1234/udp # Infoseek Search Agent
hpvmmcontrol 1124/udp # HP VMM Control
ftranhc 1105/udp # FTRANHC
etlservicemgr 9001/udp # ETL Service Manager
enl 1804/udp # ENL
cslistener 9000/udp # CSlistener
cma 1050/udp # CORBA Management Agent
X11:2 6002/udp
unknown 9877/udp
unknown 965/udp
unknown 838/udp
unknown 814/udp
unknown 8010/udp
unknown 1007/udp
polestar 1060/udp
ansyslmd 1055/udp
ingreslock 1524/udp # ingres
nimreg 1059/udp
rplay 5555/udp
svn 3690/tcp # Subversion
telelpathstart 5010/udp
sometimes-rpc20 32778/udp # Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rstatd)
oracle 1521/tcp # ncube-lm | Oracle Database | nCube License Manager
Trinoo_Bcast 27444/udp # Trinoo distributed attack tool Master
bacnet 47808/udp # Building Automation and Control Networks
unknown 48761/udp
unknown 48489/udp
unknown 48455/udp
unknown 48255/udp
unknown 48189/udp
unknown 48078/udp
unknown 47981/udp
unknown 47915/udp
unknown 47772/udp
unknown 47765/udp
unknown 46836/udp
unknown 46532/udp
unknown 46093/udp
unknown 45928/udp
unknown 45818/udp
unknown 45722/udp
unknown 45685/udp
unknown 45380/udp
unknown 45247/udp
unknown 44946/udp
unknown 44923/udp
unknown 44508/udp
unknown 44334/udp
unknown 44253/udp
unknown 44190/udp
unknown 44185/udp
unknown 44179/udp
unknown 44160/udp
unknown 44101/udp
unknown 43967/udp
unknown 43824/udp
unknown 43686/udp
unknown 43514/udp
unknown 43370/udp
unknown 43195/udp
unknown 43094/udp
unknown 42639/udp
unknown 42627/udp
unknown 42577/udp
unknown 42557/udp
unknown 42434/udp
unknown 42431/udp
unknown 42313/udp
unknown 42056/udp
unknown 41971/udp
unknown 41967/udp
unknown 41896/udp
unknown 41774/udp
unknown 41702/udp
unknown 41638/udp
unknown 41446/udp
unknown 41308/udp
unknown 40866/udp
unknown 40847/udp
unknown 40805/udp
unknown 40724/udp
unknown 40711/udp
unknown 40622/udp
unknown 40539/udp
unknown 40019/udp
unknown 39723/udp
unknown 39714/udp
unknown 39683/udp
unknown 39632/udp
unknown 39217/udp
unknown 38615/udp
unknown 38498/udp
unknown 38412/udp
unknown 38063/udp
unknown 37843/udp
unknown 37813/udp
unknown 37783/udp
unknown 37761/udp
unknown 37602/udp
unknown 37393/udp
unknown 37212/udp
unknown 37144/udp
unknown 36945/udp
unknown 36893/udp
unknown 36778/udp
unknown 36669/udp
unknown 36489/udp
unknown 36458/udp
unknown 36384/udp
unknown 36108/udp
unknown 35794/udp
unknown 35702/udp
unknown 34855/udp
unknown 34796/udp
unknown 34758/udp
unknown 34580/udp
unknown 34579/udp
unknown 34578/udp
unknown 34577/udp
unknown 34570/udp
unknown 34433/udp
unknown 34422/udp
unknown 34358/udp
unknown 34079/udp
unknown 34038/udp
unknown 33872/udp
unknown 33866/udp
unknown 33717/udp
unknown 33459/udp
unknown 33249/udp
unknown 33030/udp
unknown 32798/udp
confluent 1484/udp # Confluent License Manager
compressnet 3/udp # Compression Process
apc-agent 2161/tcp # apc-2161 | American Power Conversion | APC 2161
X11:2 6002/tcp # X Window server
socks 1080/tcp
instl_boots 1067/udp # Installation Bootstrap Proto. Serv.
unknown 64727/udp
unknown 64590/udp
unknown 64481/udp
unknown 64080/udp
unknown 63420/udp
unknown 62958/udp
unknown 62699/udp
unknown 62677/udp
unknown 62575/udp
unknown 62154/udp
unknown 61961/udp
unknown 61685/udp
unknown 61550/udp
unknown 61481/udp
unknown 61412/udp
unknown 61322/udp
unknown 61319/udp
unknown 61142/udp
unknown 61024/udp
unknown 60423/udp
unknown 60381/udp
unknown 60172/udp
unknown 59846/udp
unknown 59765/udp
unknown 59207/udp
unknown 59193/udp
unknown 58797/udp
unknown 58419/udp
unknown 58178/udp
unknown 58075/udp
unknown 57977/udp
unknown 57958/udp
unknown 57843/udp
unknown 57813/udp
unknown 57410/udp
unknown 57409/udp
unknown 57172/udp
unknown 55587/udp
unknown 55544/udp
unknown 55043/udp
unknown 54925/udp
unknown 54807/udp
unknown 54711/udp
unknown 54114/udp
unknown 54094/udp
unknown 53838/udp
unknown 53589/udp
unknown 53037/udp
unknown 53006/udp
unknown 52144/udp
unknown 51972/udp
unknown 51905/udp
unknown 51690/udp
unknown 51586/udp
unknown 51554/udp
unknown 51456/udp
unknown 51255/udp
unknown 50919/udp
unknown 50708/udp
unknown 50497/udp
unknown 50164/udp
unknown 50099/udp
unknown 49968/udp
unknown 49640/udp
unknown 49396/udp
unknown 49393/udp
unknown 49360/udp
unknown 49350/udp
unknown 49306/udp
unknown 49262/udp
unknown 49259/udp
unknown 49226/udp
unknown 49222/udp
unknown 49220/udp
unknown 49216/udp
unknown 49214/udp
unknown 49178/udp
unknown 49177/udp
unknown 49155/udp
cvspserver 2401/tcp # CVS network server
lockd 4045/tcp # npp | Network Paging Protocol
iss-realsecure 902/tcp # ideafarm-door | ISS RealSecure Sensor | self documenting Telnet Door | self documenting Door: send 0x00 for info
nim 1058/udp
nsrexecd 7937/tcp # Legato NetWorker
qsc 787/tcp
edonkey 4666/udp # eDonkey file sharing (Donkey)
vat-control 3457/udp # VAT default control
teedtap 559/udp
esl-lm 1455/udp # ESL License Manager
nim 1058/tcp
ms-olap4 2383/tcp # MS OLAP 4 | Microsoft OLAP
netcheque 4008/udp # NetCheque accounting
sometimes-rpc5 32771/tcp # filenet-rmi | Sometimes an RPC port on my Solaris box (rusersd) | FileNET RMI | FileNet RMI
at-7 207/udp # AppleTalk Unused
omserv 764/udp
netinfo 1033/tcp # netinfo-local | Netinfo is apparently on many OS X boxes. | local netinfo port
netsaint 1040/tcp # netarx | Netsaint status daemon | Netarx Netcare
nimreg 1059/tcp
valisys-lm 1457/udp # Valisys License Manager
scol 1200/udp # SCOL
rmc 657/udp # RMC
rib-slm 3296/udp # Rib License Manager
pt2-discover 1101/udp # PT2-DISCOVER
nmap 689/udp # NMAP
msdp 639/udp # MSDP
ms-cluster-net 3343/udp # MS Cluster Net
jmb-cds1 8900/udp # JMB-CDS 1
gmrupdateserv 1070/udp # GMRUpdateSERV
cplscrambler-in 1087/udp # CPL Scrambler Internal
cplscrambler-al 1088/udp # CPL Scrambler Alarm Log
cardax 1072/udp # CARDAX
apc-2161 2161/udp # APC 2161
unknown 944/udp
unknown 9370/udp
unknown 826/udp
unknown 789/udp
unknown 16086/udp
unknown 1020/udp
unknown 1013/udp
optima-vnet 1051/udp
digiman 2362/udp
dbm 2345/udp
mbap 502/udp # Modbus Application Protocol
ibm-db2 50000/tcp # (also Internet/Intranet Input Method Server Framework?)
tvpm 21800/udp # TVNC Pro Multiplexing
netspeak-cs 21847/udp # NetSpeak Corp. Connection Services
kingdomsonline 30260/udp # Kingdoms Online (CraigAvenue)
keyshadow 19315/udp # Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS
jcp 19541/udp # JCP Client
irtrans 21000/udp # IRTrans Control
flex-lm 27007/udp # FLEX LM (1-10)
flex-lm 27002/udp # FLEX LM (1-10)
filesphere 24242/udp # fileSphere
zep 17754/udp # Encap. ZigBee Packets
commtact-https 20003/udp # Commtact HTTPS
chipper 17219/udp # Chipper
apc-necmp 18888/udp # APCNECMP
unknown 32760/udp
unknown 32750/udp
unknown 32727/udp
unknown 32611/udp
unknown 32607/udp
unknown 32546/udp
unknown 32506/udp
unknown 32499/udp
unknown 32495/udp
unknown 32479/udp
unknown 32469/udp
unknown 32446/udp
unknown 32430/udp
unknown 32425/udp
unknown 32422/udp
unknown 32415/udp
unknown 32404/udp
unknown 32382/udp
unknown 32368/udp
unknown 32359/udp
unknown 32352/udp
unknown 32326/udp
unknown 32273/udp
unknown 32262/udp
unknown 32219/udp
unknown 32216/udp
unknown 32185/udp
unknown 32132/udp
unknown 32129/udp
unknown 32124/udp
unknown 32066/udp
unknown 32053/udp
unknown 32044/udp
unknown 31999/udp
unknown 31963/udp
unknown 31918/udp
unknown 31887/udp
unknown 31882/udp
unknown 31852/udp
unknown 31803/udp
unknown 31794/udp
unknown 31792/udp
unknown 31783/udp
unknown 31750/udp
unknown 31743/udp
unknown 31735/udp
unknown 31732/udp
unknown 31720/udp
unknown 31692/udp
unknown 31673/udp
unknown 31609/udp
unknown 31602/udp
unknown 31599/udp
unknown 31584/udp
unknown 31569/udp
unknown 31560/udp
unknown 31521/udp
unknown 31520/udp
unknown 31481/udp
unknown 31428/udp
unknown 31412/udp
unknown 31404/udp
unknown 31361/udp
unknown 31352/udp
unknown 31350/udp
unknown 31343/udp
unknown 31334/udp
unknown 31284/udp
unknown 31267/udp
unknown 31266/udp
unknown 31261/udp
unknown 31202/udp
unknown 31199/udp
unknown 31180/udp
unknown 31162/udp
unknown 31155/udp
unknown 31137/udp
unknown 31134/udp
Ultimate Network Port Database

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